Fêtes et événements dans les Villages Ternélia

Festivals and Events

Sociable holidays at Ternélia

Let your holidays be one long celebration. Come and party or participate in a local event and invite whoever you want – we will take care of everything else: accommodation, meals, evening events, etc.

festival village Ternélia

Events in our regions

Local festivals, Christmas markets, music festivals, carnivals… Come and have a ball and enjoy our lively regional festivities. We are regular partners of musical, sporting and cultural events and we can offer special rates and interesting packages so that you can have fun.

No need to miss out on any meet up just because you're on holiday!


Festivities at our holiday villages and residences

Our Club Villages offer a friendly atmosphere for sparkling Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations – why not try our dance workshops or our delicious festive meals? Perfect relaxation guaranteed

Throughout the year, we invite professional performers and there is always something new and exciting on the go.