Bons plans Ternélia

Holiday deals

Throughout the year, we have great deals for all our destination


Early Bird booking

At Ternélia, if you book your holiday in advance, you are guaranteed to have a wider choice of accommodation and, better still, you benefit from reduced rates.Reductions of up to 10% off normal prices. It pays to book your winter and summer holidays early.


Weekend Breaks and Short Breaks

You no longer have to wait for the school holidays. Now, if you are in the area for a weekend or short break, our doors are open and we offer a range of holidays and services tailored to your every need.


Last-Minute Deals

This year you maybe haven't made your mind up or are lacking in inspiration… If you want to take full advantage of our availability, go to our last-minute page for a range of breaks and activities which are suitable for families or groups of friends at one of our destinations.


Special Offers

Keep your eyes open! Our breaks not only include accommodation and/or catering but often also include activities such as excursions, sporting activities, etc.


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