voyages et excursions Ternélia

Holidays and excursions

Travel across France and discover it under every light


Walking & Hiking

If you are keen on sports, you will be delighted to find accommodation which is close to lots of trails and runs. If you fancy Nordic Walking, either in the mountains of seaside, you will love the itineraries that our guides are prepared for you.


Cycling Holidays

Cycle through the regions of France – a holiday where you meander from town to town, or explore the local area and get to know the most delightful scenery. Our managers will be able to give you advice and make sure that you see everything there is to be seen in the region, whether you are cycling on the roads or mountain biking off the beaten track.


Seniors on holiday

Seniors also like to get a bit of time together outside of school holidays. We can offer tailor-made activities and excursions to help you explore our regional culture and local heritage.