Microbrasserie Artisanale lac d'Annecy

L'avalanche des Bauges

In Saint-Jorioz, discover this craftsman couple who lovingly and patiently produce their own drinks.

A guided tour is offered to teach you the secrets of this unique beer brewed in the lake renowned for its purity.
A recipe made from raw organic farming materials, follow the process from the selection of malt roasting until bottling. The bottling and labelling is still done manually - up to 1800 bottles leave the factory. You will also find all these products in the local markets, in some 'local produce' supermarket aisles or in wine shops in the area.

A tasting will be offered at the end of the tour where you can discover the different flavours, such as the most famous Génépi or the bilberry flavour.

Pricing and schedules for reservations can be obtained from Pré du Lac reception.


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