Randonnées en France Ternelia

Walking & Hiking

Ternélia and FFRandonnée have joined forces to offer breaks for anyone who loves walking and have a range of innovative, exclusive offers. Ternélia and FFRP have selected a range of destinations with guided walks to introduce you to the different regions of France and their local tours.

Preferential rates for members of FFRandonnée



  • Membership of Holiday Villages and “Suricate” at FFRandonnée, so you can play an active role in maintaining walking trails.
  • Promotion of walking, with special, innovative, exclusive deals, and a choice of 21 which offer guided walks.


A WARM WELCOME at all of our holiday villages

Ternélia un accompagnement et un accueil exceptionnel

  • Meals suitable for walking, and picnics also provided.
  • Cleaning service: a wash and dry laundry service.
  • Sophisticated comfort in all respects.
  • Relaxation and wellness areas available, so that you can chill out after all your efforts.


TOP-CLASS GUIDING so that you can go further

  • Free access to all the information you need for your walk: guidebooksmaps, weather forecasts
  • Assistance with preparing itineraries, advice about equipment.
  • Programme of walks organised by specialist guides.
  • Leaving from paths next to our villages, or ones that can be reached by a shuttle chartered by the Holiday Village (supplement).


Walking breaks for everybody from beginners to experts

Our villages offer breaks at preferential prices including accommodation, guided walk(s) and a variety of activities.


Ternélia offre couple, famille et amis


Have you thought of coming as a couple, with your family or with friends? Our individual breaks include 1 guided walk of 3 hours minimum per day.

  • For stays of less than 6 days: 1 one-day walk
  • For stays of more than 6 days: 2 one-day walks + 1 cultural visit + programme of activities in addition to walking, specific to the region and the Holiday Village + evening entertainment.



Ternélia offre marche nordique

Have you already tried Nordic Walking or would you like to give it a go?

Our special offer includes everything contained in the individual offer + 3 sessions of Nordic Walking of 1 hour 30 maximum, with loan of poles.



Do you want to come as part of a group of 12 persons or more? Our holiday villages have everything you need for group walks.


Grand jeu Ternélia

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